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Welcome to the world of my all-encompassing knowledge highlighted by years of constant study and courses. With a background in alternative medicine, engineering, design, and agriculture, my journey has been marked by a commitment to personal growth and community well-being.


My education spans a variety of disciplines, including psychology, traditional medicine, and project management. These streams of knowledge converge to inform my approach to teaching life coaching and community building. I am passionate about developing connections within our community, emphasizing sustainability, prosperity and growth.

My efforts include podcasts like "Divine Intervention Show," where I explore spirituality and self-development. 

I am passionate about nurturing connections and promoting sustainability within our community. I am deeply involved in local gardening initiatives, where we not only cultivate plants, but also create a sense of unity and well-being. Additionally, my exploration of divination and related practices serve as a source of guidance and insight for those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. 


Ready for a cosmic joyride with our Tantra approach? Breathe in good vibes, savor Tantric feasts, and yoga your way to playful enlightenment. Healing? We make it a laughter-infused fiesta—kicking traumas, embracing fertility, and celebrating your vibrant spirit.

          What Clients Are Saying


 " These people really know what they are talking about helping people!" 

                                    5 stars  - Noble H.


    "My family and I had the Hibiscus tea and it was refreshing and invigorating. It mixes very well with other herbal teas. Definitely getting more and keeping it in the house. They have many of the issues that Hibiscus tea treats/prevents. Would definitely recommend." 

                               5 stars -Su Chris 

Plants on the Window

 "I adore the thoroughness...getting right to the point, up-front but yet very concerning and genuine.

I couldn't have asked for God to send me any one any better, any sooner." 

                             5 stars  - Autumn G.

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