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Urban Gardening
Free Range Hen

Sankofa's Naturals Community Farm
Wellness & Education

Our Solution:

Our solution is to provide a means to food insecure neighborhoods by providing them with a way to do for self, by working year round, volunteering and participating in  activities to grow in cultural and sustainable and renewable manners, by providing access to jobs,  wellness and education.


Through reaching back and doing it for self.

On the farm we  plan to place two shipping containers which will provide as  multi use spaces such as a s.t.e.a.m/ Trades Laboratory Where activities involving hands on education, preserving food and making Indigenous medicines will be done from products we grow on the farm.

A cafe' and farm stand /store will be used in the other.

The operation will be ran on Solar energy.

Also we will have a high tunnel/ Smaller shipping container to grow hydroponically so all year long, providing the community with secure amounts of food and connectivity.

OUR farm major aspect is accessibility for differently abled community members, with height regulatory beds for growing food, wheelchair ramps & pavers , sensory gardens, and a place where everyone feels included.

We're creating a space for a need that hasn't been met, and is highly desired. Everyone deserves access to agriculture, especially underserved and food deserted neighborhoods.

We're open to funding, volunteers, donations, supports of every caliber, this project will impact and change many lives, and we look forward to executing it with the help of you!

Urban Gardening
Free Range Hen
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