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⭐HERBAL FERTILITY BLEND FOR WOMEN TRYING TO CONCEIVE- The herbs for fertility in this preconception tea provides uterus support and female hormone balance. When you balance hormones, your chances of getting pregnant faster increase.
⭐DO YOU NEED HELP GETTING PREGNANT? - Our fertility tea provides a gentle fertility womb detox that supports regular ovulation and healthy menstrual cycle. (Both are essential for when you are trying to get pregnant!) #SankofasNaturals Pre-Conception fertility tea is the perfect fertility support when you start trying to conceive.
⭐ PREPARES YOUR BODY FOR A HEALTHY PREGNANCY - this fertile tea helps strengthen and tone your uterus and prepares it for the hard work of pregnancy and labor. The tea can help create a fertile womb environment for a successful pregnancy.
⭐INCREASE CERVICAL MUCUS NATURALLY - Making fertile cervical mucus means you don't need to buy extra fertility lubricant. Your own lubrication helps the sperm travel safely so you can get pregnant fast. The herbs in our fertility tea help you produce the slippery fertile cervical mucus that helps you conceive.
⭐RELAXING - High stress levels make getting pregnant more difficult. Have a cup in the evening and relax. Some of our customers even say it helps them sleep better!

Pre-Conception Fertility Tea

  • 3oz sealed bag 

    redclover, chamomile  red raspberry leaf

    Sankofas Naturals is sole proprietor all ingriedients may not be listed

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