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From The Creator Of Black Love Matter's & Heal Our Community

                                    We Present

Divine Intervention Show

We created the platform Black Love Mater's in 2014 in a time, where the black/afrikan Diaspora community was in a major uproar, with police brutality plaguing our social atmospheres, with activism, spirituality, family, social and political circles identifying our place in our own communities, surpassing the stigmas, boundaries, negativity dumped on us as a community.

The major focus we promoted is Food, clothing, shelter, mental health, internal and physical wellness, These things are often overlooked and laughed at in our community, we decided to educated and provide forums for solutionary's to share their experiences in the community, tips on how better themselves, their impact on the communities they serve.

Ultimately Ali Dirul and Nicole Feldman, started the Weekly Community Call in after established brand of Black Love Matter's tree, and the Heal Our Community branch. the Weekly call in has a basis of Topics to bring attention, healing and solutions to our communities worldwide. This call is free and international callers often participate. We live record the call in's, so we can go back over the playback to better our own selves as host and members in the diaspora community.

The live interviews are a basis of culture, love, dating and relationships, even black businesses with a unique spin or attraction to healing, and functional sustainable love in our community.We're always open to new ideas, brother's and sister's are welcome to join us on the live interviews Please contact us for Live symposiums or live shows we do it all in an effort to bring awareness to a people and culture that black love is the foundation and we're the house.We even Have a a few facebook groups for healing, and dating, soo stay connected.

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